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LaSaundra Robinson 

artist statement

I am an artist that paints women.  I work mostly in oil and acrylic on wood panel or canvas.  The process starts with finding a face that calls to me. When I am building the idea for a painting, I often use multiple reference photos.  One woman in my painting may consist of two or three images of different women . My work is about finding yourself and being comfortable in your own skin.  I feel a lot of people hide there true selves and stereotypes keep us from reaching our true potential. I live my life wearing a lot of fake faces, and my art helps me to uncover.  I use portraits of women, flowers, and dolls along with line, color, and pattern to help express my ideas. The women are a reflection of myself. The dolls in my paintings represent innocence childhood and having the same face all the time; even if a leg, eye or arm is missing.  The flowers give us growth, beauty, and Mother Nature. The lines and patterns in my work simply represent finding your way. If you make it through the maze of fears and doubts we all have, you can transform into whatever you want. I want to make paintings that allow you to feel the person you want to be.

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